Best Daddy

Cody Qualls

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The idea for “Best Daddy” came to me a couple of years after my 3rd child was born. I noodled with the tune over many years until one day I was singing the chorus in the kitchen and she playfully sang it back to me. There was a “call and response” game that transpired between us and she sang a slightly different version of the melody back to me that ended up being a harmony which helped complete the song.    Now when we play the song, she smiles at me knowing she helped catalyze it coming into the world. It’s special for her and for all of us.

This song reminds me of what is most important to me. As the song says, “I might never drive a Caddy, but I’m gonna be the BEST DADDY I can be!"

I hope BEST DADDY brings joy to you and your family as much as it does to ours!

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